Activating Disruptive Fashion Modes and Practices

Sustainable Fashion: New Approaches

Kirsi Niinimäki, editor of Sustainable Fashion: New Approaches describes her new book:

This publication is intended to be used as a source of inspiration for designers and companies, and all stakeholders whose interest lies in the area of sustainable fashion. While the strategies for sustainability are complex and approaches are many, this publication presents only a few ways to approach sustainable fashion. I hope the publication offers inspiration on how to make positive change in current practices and how to effect new mindsets, creating transformative fashion.  Additionally it focuses on new sustainable design and business thinking while opening views on experimental design and green business approaches through real-life cases.


Theoretical texts and the individual design cases and real-life business examples presented in this book show that a change in mindset is possible. They illustrate how we can challenge our traditional thinking and make manifest new ways to frame the problem and seek creative solutions. Moreover when problem areas are seen as opportunities where design thinking can help create successful outcomes, the chapters offer examples of how to do fashion and business differently. Even the wildest design experimentations are beneficial and meaningful if they open new kinds of thinking or even question the current fashion system.

This book presents sustainable fashion as an approach that encompasses future-oriented value, as transformative and re-directive design envisioning the future, as design and business strategy, as change agent experimentation, and as reframing business thinking. The content is divided into six themes: the basics of sustainable fashion, ethics and aesthetics, critical and social design, product-service systems, innovation for green business and collaboration.

I want to emphasise that sustainable fashion is a creative process where design, quality, value, collaboration and networks form the core, not fashionable appearance and cheap prices. Enjoy the experimental journey!

SF_Book_LR SF_Book_2_LR


Link to publication (incl. an open PDF to download)


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