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Open Fashion Pop-up Shop

The Open Fashion Design Pop-up shop is a project of ‘MODE UNCUT – The Open Fashion Design Network’. The pop-up shop for Open Fashion Design concepts and products will start on the 30th of  January 2014 and has its’ doors open for 3 days. During this time designers and makers can enjoy working and designing with customers and other designers. Designers can see how users define and finish products and gain better understanding of users’ needs. In the pop-up shop you can experience a closer consumer-designer relationship, and its opportunities.


Invitation for participants can be downloaded here: PDF invite

All sales profits of the respective products, ideas or advise will go straight to the designers.


Therefore we encourage you as designer, producer, DIY or DIT maker to set up your profile on this website and sell your ideas, concepts, patterns, half-way products or garments in our pop-up shop or receive pre-orders via email.

For more info on HalfWay products please take a look at the presentation PDF of our workshops.

Download PDF here: HalfWay_WS_presentation_7:8.11

More info on how to join MODE UNCUT or the pop-up shop you will find here.



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