Activating Disruptive Fashion Modes and Practices




Matti Liimatainen is a doctoral candidate at the Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. He is currently researching evolutionary and algorithmic methods in fashion design, particularly the different ways generative design systems can solve design problems autonomously.

Nina Chen

Nina Chen is an apparel designer from Vancouver, Canada who is currently completing her Master’s degree in Fashion and Clothing design at Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. With a bachelor’s degree in Applied Design focusing on apparel design and production, she continued her studies at the master’s level in hopes to find an alternative role for herself as a non-conventional fashion designer.  Her goal as a designer is activating sustainable change in the fashion industry. She aims to explore concepts where the fashion designers bring awareness to sustainable issues in the fashion industry through co-design and skill-trade with the general public and consumers.

Namkyu Chun is a designer who can fix broken systems and connect new relationships to unlock potentials. With his MFA study in Transdisciplinary Design, he learned how to rediscover hidden potentials and bridge unexpected relationships using collaborative and engaged methods to spark strong innovation. With knowledge of diverse fields and cultural differences, he has a capacity to act as a cultural translator to constantly provide clear translations.


Teresa Mair  is currently studying in the master-degree program in Architecture at the Aalto University. Teresa focuses on experimental architecture, which employs the creative and artisitc aspects of architecture. She links her work to related fields as art and design. Beside her study she is developing her own fashion and design brand.


Reina Magica is an interaction designer and photographer who has graduated from Masters of Arts New Media – Game Design and Production at Aalto University.   She is interested in cross-disciplinary collaborations fusing interactive media with traditional design fields.   Her previous works have included interactive animation, voice controlled action games, bodily interactive digital instruments, and an interior design tool utilising VR and live editing.  Currently she is working on an app for smartwatches and is interested in modular fashion and sustainability.
Sanna Konola Participatory design is something I got interested in alongside sustainability – a core value in my life. Throughout my clothing design studies at the University of Lapland I have explored collaborative, open and activist design strategies. This all culminated in my thesis research on the methods and tools of participatory clothing design. FROM CO-DESIGN TO CONVIVIAL DESIGN. Insights from engaging users in a participatory clothing design process.




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