Activating Disruptive Fashion Modes and Practices


What is Mode Uncut?

MODE UNCUT is a collaborative network and platform for exploring and disrupting fashion practices, by reconfiguring designer-producer-consumer relationships. Collaborators include researchers, practitioners, commercial and social entrepreneurs and citizens.


MODE UNCUT sees itself as a ‘think & do tank’ facilitating exchange and collaboration between its members and citizens to jointly explore ways to reshape the existing fast, wasteful and socially unjust fashion systems. The network brings together researchers and practitioners, entrepreneurs and citizens to inspire alternatives to the mainstream by offering a space for collaboration and experimentation as well as showcasing a broad variety of project examples, and providing access to experts in the field.


MODE UNCUT aims to be an accessible, user-friendly platform and network to promote openness, transparency and collaboration for exploring new attitudes, livelihoods and designer-producer-consumer relationships. We explore alternative modes of fashion design combined with ecological and social forms of production and consumption. We do this by applying the expertise of our board members and network in hands-on, practice-led design and research projects exploring alternative fashion practices for local and alternative economies. We believe in scalability by sharing our expertise through consultancy, lectures, workshops, and open blueprints and business models amongst our members and with interested audiences.


Values & Attitudes

– Openness and transparency

– Joyful collaboration and experimentation

– Sustainable production and consumption

– Mutual teaching and learning

– Positive Disruption


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