Activating Disruptive Fashion Modes and Practices

Make Yourself… warm!


The second day of our makerspace at BITZ, unibz fablab, started with the theme of making garments and accessories to keep warm – scarves, mittens and hats – using old woolen or synthetic jumpers, tracksuit tops, and so on. People quickly adapted sleeves with stretchable fabrics, or loose knit weaves, into matching hats and scarves. A group of women worked together, and obviously inspired each other, by making matching outfits from one jumper to include a hat, neckscarf, stole, gloves and other accessories. Typically these emerged after 2 to 3 hours of cutting, stitching by machine and finishing by hand. The conversion of old woollens into upcycled attire is worth investigating as a service model.

Another lady demonstrated finger knitting, a wonderful technique that just required her fingers, some long flesh coloured boot laces and old wool. The speed of production of a three-dimensional tube was amazing and easily lent itself to visually arresting, lightweight, necklaces.

Our pop-up shop is quickly filling and offers an eclectic range of goods rarely found in one shop.










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