Activating Disruptive Fashion Modes and Practices

Make Yourself…


Mode Uncut is waking up after a period of hibernation and reactivating projects focusing on challenging the way we make our clothes, who we make them with, why we make them and who benefits from the making. Make Yourself… is a series of events focused on creating a Christmas fashion ‘makerspace’ and pop-up shop by and for everyone in the city of Bozen-Bolzano, in the autonomous region of Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, north-east Italy. Sitting in a deep valley linking Italy with Austria via the Brennero/Brenner pass, a route that has seen much movement through historical times, the city receives large numbers of tourists, drawn to the spectacular Dolomites mountains, but is also host to newly arrived and displaced citizens (visitors, migrants and refugees), the latter from the northern and western Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Balkans.


A strong craft tradition in wood carving and felt textiles in the region provides a unique setting to experiment with the possibilities of exchanging ideas, skills and techniques from citizens of other cultures. In December many artisanal products, including gifts, cheeses, meats and wines are available through the Christmas markets.


This festive time simultaneously brings conviviality and loneliness so Make Yourself… aims to combine the talents, skills and creativity of local designers, design students, craftspeople, sewers, knitters, tailors, and seamstresses with the skills of the citizens to generate different kinds of exchange. Mode Uncut is facilitating a series of events from November 2016 to January 2017 with the principle aim being to hold a fashion pop-up ‘makerspace’ and shop in the new Unibz, FabLab called Bitz during the Christmas shopping period.



The events are:

Co-designing the ‘makerspace’ and pop-up shop. 28th November 2016, 14.00-17.00hrs, F0.01, Faculty of Design & Art, Unibz, Bolzano

Everyone is invited to join this workshop to scope and co-design the ‘makerspace’ and pop-up shop. What is the theme? How do people contribute? How do people benefit? What are the possibilities? What skills and knowledge do we find in the area? What can we make together?

The Christmas makerspace and pop-up shop. 12-17th December, 11.00- 19.00hrs daily, Bitz, Unibz FabLab, via Rosmini 7/9, Bolzano

Potential activities include: Design and make your own fashion accessories or clothes; finishing ‘half-made’ clothes and accessories; modifying your clothes; making or altering textiles; and more…

‘Disruptive Fashion Modes: Future goals, strategies and practices’. 16th December, 14.00-17.00hrs, F0.01, Faculty of Design & Art, Unibz, Bolzano

A seminar focusing on disruptive modes of creating clothing that contest the wasteful, socially unjust practices of the mainstream fashion industry. Speakers include Zoe Romano from Milan, Italy; Cecilia Palmer from Berlin and Anja-Lisa Hirscher from Ulm, Germany; Francesco Mazzarella from Loughborough, UK.

 Reflective workshop. 20th January 2017, 14.00-17.00hrs, F0.01, Faculty of Design & Art, Unibz, Bolzano

A half-day workshop with participants and stakeholders of the Christmas makerspace and pop-up shop to discuss the project, its achievements and future possibilities. What worked well, what is scalable, opportunities for new businesses…

We will keep you informed of how the events roll out, and update you on the latest creations to emerge from the fashion pop-up makerspace and shop. Meanwhile, if you want to get involved please contact, Professor Alastair Fuad-Luke, Faculty of Design & Art, Unibz, Universitätsplatz 1 – piazza Università, 1, I-39100 Bozen-Bolzano,



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